Are Cufflinks For Everyday Wear?

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Meeting somebody for the first time is an excellent opportunity to make a lasting impression. Some would agree that the image that one portrays says a lot about a person. Whether we like it or not, many people often prejudge the other person based on his or her physical appearance. The way people groom, dress, and carry themselves have a large impact on how they are viewed by others.

Dress for success is a favorite phrase in the corporate world. It's almost a rule that everybody who wants to succeed should follow. Choosing what to wear is essential then. That is not arguable. But not many men give ample attention to accessories they also wear.

Picking the right accessories may seemingly look like a small and unimportant factor to consider when "dressing up for success." Little do they know that it's a skill and art that could boost one's everyday attire if mastered well. Wearing the right accessories is also important if you want to be labeled as a well- dressed man.

Take cufflinks for example. They are one of the most versatile accessories for men. They come in many designs, colors, and shapes, and it shouldn't be much of a trouble in choosing the right pair to wear for everyday attire. However, there are still some rules though in picking out cufflinks. The dominant color of your cufflinks should match the color tone of other accessories you are wearing such as your belt buckle, wristwatch, or wedding ring. Gold-tone accessories go very well with brown or tan shade suits. One of the best applications of this can be seen at work. For men who wear cuffed dress shirts and business suits, cufflinks are great additions to the overall getup. That is regardless of formality of your attire. You can wear them with the most formal business suit you have and they look just as good as with a simple business casual without over coat.

It's not uncommon for men who are fond of cufflinks to have a number of pairs at a time. This is not surprising especially if men like wearing cufflinks almost everyday. Men get to wear different pairs one at a time. Some even get to build a huge collection of different cufflinks of all sorts, from the very formal to most novelty pairs. This way they can easily pick out cufflinks to match the attire and accessories. It's a chance to show your fun side and personality.

Dressing up fashionably right is not limited only to the workplace. You can also apply this to other non-office related events in your life. Cufflinks also look good with casual and non-professional attire. You can wear cufflinks on family gatherings, holidays, on parties and night-outs, reunions, dinner dates, etc. You can wear them when you go to church, as you stroll in the mall, or when you hit the ball games. You can even wear them as you play your sport or hobby, whether you're out in the golf field or stacking at the poker table. You can wear cufflinks as long as you wear cuffed dress shirts.

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Are Cufflinks For Everyday Wear?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26