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As far as shoes go Crocs are definitely style challenged, but when you put them on that all is forgiven. If you've ever worn Crocs you'll know what I mean when I say that Crocs are the most comfortable shoes you could wear.

I've had a pair of Crocs shoes for a few of years now, in fact I'm wearing them right now. They are Cayman, beige, size 11 shoes and the comfiest things I've ever worn.

No only do I wear them at home in the house but when out shopping in the supermarket, I wear them to work, I wear them on holiday, I even wear them swimming in the sea. Crocs shoes are so versatile you can wear them almost anywhere.

Another amazing thing about crocs is that you can wear them in cold weather, without socks and they still keep your feet warm. They are a fun shoe that anyone can wear, men, women and kids. They come in all different colours including black so you don't have to look out of place if you don't want to. I noticed the other day that you can buy winter crocs, they have a fur lining and they look great.

The original crocs shoes were called beach crocs followed soon after by Cayman crocs. Today there are many styles of crocs and they come in many colours.

So for those of you uninitiated soles, you need to try them. If there's only one pair of shoes you are going to buy this year it has to be a pair of crocs. They don't cost a fortune, less than thirty pounds. There are many places to buy Crocs but do be careful make sure you buy original crocs, they are far superior to the imitations.

One of the best places to buy crocs is on the internet. You can see the full range of colours and styles. At one time crocs were sold in small, medium and large sizes but today they are sold in normal UK shoe sizes. If you are not sure on your size get measured at any high street shoe shop.

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Crocs Shoes

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This article was published on 2010/03/31