Different Types of Gladiator Shoes

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In the summer of 2008, when the climate got warm, the gladiators were introduced. Since then, there was no turning back for gladiator shoes. Its sales graph shows only upward trend since then.

Since the gladiator market is growing, the market is flooded with more and more variety and variations of gladiator shoes.

Popular amongst these are:

Knee length gladiators: Worn on special occasions and at parties, these remain hot favorite of rich and the famous. You can flaunt your knee length gladiators by wearing a short skirt or trendy shorts or better still a flowing skirt over it. You won't need to put additional accessories with these. It gives you a slender look because of the knee reaching straps and tends to make your legs look long.

Mid calf gladiators: These are a thing of beauty for long legged slender women. These can match with various outfits. If you have just one or two pair of gladiators, then go for neutral colors like black, white or beige as you can wear them with any outfit.

Ankle length gladiators: These are very popular as casual wear. You can wear these for any purpose and with any outfit. If you want to add style, go for studded or buckled version. Gladiators with broad straps indeed look gorgeous on women with broad feet. Broad straps hide the feet a bit to give them a slimmer look.

High Heeled version of gladiators mix casual and trendy look. It can be worn on any occasions. If you love experimenting with colors, then go for contrast matching, mix and match your clothes with gladiators. High heeled gladiators have the advantage of looking trendy without being outrageous. These also provide additional support to the legs.

Gladiators with bright material are in vogue, but black gladiators will always remain the in thing. Wear bright colored simple gladiators on a printed dress, whereas on a plain outfit, stylish gladiator will go well.

If you feel that taking out gladiators is difficult, then go for gladiators with zippers. They are introduced, keeping in mind the needs of those who travel to often. Zippers make wearing and removing gladiators easy, especially at the airports, when you have to remove them again and again for security checks.

Teaming up your gladiators with right clothes and accessories will make all the heads turn, wherever you go.

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Different Types of Gladiator Shoes

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This article was published on 2010/03/29