How to Wear Novelty Cufflinks

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Wearing of cufflinks should not be limited to formal occasions and business gatherings. Design should not also be limited to structured and solid pieces that display elegance. Style can still be achieved even with funky novelty pairs of cufflinks. Such kinds of cufflinks best show the personality of the wearer. And best of all, novelty cufflinks can be worn even in an everyday outfit.

Add a twist to your everyday get-up by wearing a cufflink. With the various designs available today, you will surely find a pair that perfectly fits your day-to-day attire. Reserve your sterling silver cufflinks to the formal events and try wearing novelty ones to show your fun and stylish side.

Let the people know the character that lies behind the serious and strict boss by wearing a funky cufflink during a poker or golf game. You can wear sports-inspired during such game events or you can be brave enough to wear profession-inspired pairs to work. Show off your personality by wearing cufflinks that represent the things you like or love to do.

Do not wear your gold-plated with rhinestone cufflink when attending an informal business meeting or a casual event. Novelty cufflinks are the perfect pair to wear on such casual occasions. You will not look underdressed nor overdressed but dressy enough to be stylish and casual enough to be fun.

Moreover, novelty cufflinks are less expensive than designer pairs. You can own a number of them and wouldn't worry too much if you lost one. Most of the time, item price cannot really define the style you have. Being stylish and looking good rely mostly on how you carry your outfit and accessories Regardless of the clothing or fashion item price tag.

Whether you choose a formal or a novelty cufflink, there is only one rule of wearing them. Your cufflinks should match your overall outfit and the occasion that you will attend to. Men should not be afraid of wearing novelty cufflinks because of fear that they will look comical and strange. One will only look funny if the cufflink is inappropriate for the event and the overall attire.

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How to Wear Novelty Cufflinks

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This article was published on 2010/03/29