What Is the Urban Wear Trend?

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In different countries, people living in urban areas wear different types of clothes. Specifically speaking, people in Europe like to wear jeans and T-shirt, or lovely shirts. They are fond of sneakers and other accessories to go with their urban clothes. They are used for their daily use. Whether people are living in Europe or Asia, they like such clothes. Nowadays there are many cute shirts available in the market. They are very cheap and easily to buy.


During the hot summertime, people prefer to the urban clothes like sleeveless or strapless tops with shorts or a Capri pants in order to keep cool. In some tropical areas, the temperature can reach 50 degree Celsius even higher. The weather may be sunny and warm in the morning but cold in the evening. So the sweat shirts come out.


People in urban areas also like to wear various kinds of jewelries, hats or caps, bandanas, sunglasses. Making use of these fashionable accessories, they look more attractive and charming. What about the cold winter time? They like to wear the woolen gloves, scarves, mufflers and fur–lined high boots with thick socks. Under the jerseys or cardigans, people will wear woolen leggings and shirts. The winter coats and jackets are also nice choices. I forget some popular things in summer time. If it is very hot, people will try miniskirts, long skirts or vase coats. To finish their chic look, they like wedges or stylish heels to cooperate their formal clothes.


According to the needs of different situations, urban people will change their outfit. I will introduce some here. Asian women are required to wear long shirts with trousers, especially in Pakistan. However the material is different. Asians resort to a kind of cotton, named lawn, to make their clothes. Today's trend is the western dress. It is welcomed by people in European countries and many other nations. They feel comfortable.


When we come to the official parties, the urban people in different countries wear differently. The dresses in Europe can be classified into cocktail dresses, party dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses etc. They cater to the specific occasion. It differs in Asia. People prefer to embroider dresses at the parties.


As we have seen, urban people wear differently in different countries. There is no detailed trend of their outfit.

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What Is the Urban Wear Trend?

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This article was published on 2011/06/27