What To Wear To A Job Interview

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First impressions are important especially when someone is interviewing for a job. The proper attire for a job interview varies according to a person's occupation and the job they are seeking. A plumber shouldn't wear a formal business suit to an interview. Men applying for vocational jobs like carpenters, plumbers, auto mechanics and electricians should wear business casual apparel like casual slacks and polo shirts. Whenever interviewing for any position, nails should be clean and trimmed, shoes should should be polished and clothing should be pressed and neat.

For those applying for customer service or sales jobs, appearance is extremely important. The employer is often looking for the public face of his business. For most positions of this type, business casual with a sports jacket and tie is appropriate. Socks should be matched to the color of the slacks. Loafers or lace up shoes should be dark brown or black. Men's apparel should fit properly. Poorly fitting clothes are never acceptable. Men who take the time with the details of their appearance are more likely to pay attention to the details of their job, at least in the mind of employers.

Men seeking high power, high paying jobs should always wear formal business wear to job interviews. Financial consultants and men in upper management are usually expected to wear formal business attire to the office on a daily basis. Men should wear the best suit they can afford paired with a formal dress shirt, preferably one with cufflinks rather than buttoned cuffs. The neck tie should contrast with the shirt and can be a solid, a stripe or a subtle pattern. Silk neck ties are a small investment when compared to the cost of a suit, but they make a big impression. Once again, fit is important. A badly wrinkled, ill fitting suit never makes a good impression.

While what a man should wear to a job interview varies based on the job he is seeking, some things are universal. Personal grooming is paramount. Facial hair should be cleanly shaven or neatly trimmed. Hair should be clean and styled. Men who have unruly hair should either wear it very short or use styling products to keep it controlled. Men seeking employment in the creative arts or in the vocational sector may be able to wear their hair long if it is neatly confined in a band. In most other areas of employment, a potential employee should have hair worn above the collar and neatly trimmed. Clean, manicured fingernails and polished shoes do make an impression on an employer.

Men should be aware that while their qualifications and experience may get them an interview, their personal appearance is key to getting the job.
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What To Wear To A Job Interview

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This article was published on 2010/09/25