Why Should I Wear Cufflinks?

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Silver cufflinks are the superior fashion accessory for the gentleman surrounded by a casual yet suave aura of sophistication. That expensive suit you just bought is still incomplete without a pair of elegant cufflinks.

Completing your formal look is the only first reason to invest in silver cufflinks. In fact, cufflinks are must haves; the first ones that kick off your collection. Cufflinks have always been associated with men of class. For a man in business, cufflinks say, he means business. That's how powerful the effect is. They get you noticed, for all the right reason. They announce to the world the arrival of a man of fine tastes.

Cufflinks are one of those accessories that never go out of fashion. That's the hallmark of an inalienable part of your wardrobe. Though small, these have immense scope for ever changing styles, shapes, colors and patterns to go with your look.

The internet is a great place to search and shop for cufflinks. This is where you can find intricately carved precious stone embedded cufflinks, or those made of precious metals, such as silver, gold or platinum. You will find many that come with studded diamonds, rubies, emeralds, Swarovski crystals and other such smart stones that will add a sparkle to your sleeves.

When choosing a cufflink to wear, remember it is not just the color of the shirt you want to match it with. It has to gel with the entire look you are going to sport, and be in sync with the other accessories you'd be wearing. For example, if you are wearing steel rim watch, you'd want to wear your silver cufflinks, instead of the gold ones. Remember, the cufflink doesn't have to overwhelm your suit, but compliment it. Let them be understated.

One may surely ask as to what is the perfect occasion to wear cufflinks. The truth is most would just wear them for fashion's sake because it looks cool. Of course, you'd be wearing them on an occasion that demands formal wear, such as weddings, dates, birthdays, prom nights, dance balls and other such occasions. When you wear cufflinks to work, they simply add to your classy formal look, and boost your confidence on the day you're making a big business presentation, leading a meeting or appearing for job interview.

Smart cufflinks present even an ordinary shirt with an air of elegance and understated style, making it stand out in the crowd of grays, charcoal and navy colored suits. Glistening silver cufflinks are guaranteed to brighten up even the most boring boardroom meetings.

Many men are quite easily intimidated by this awesome fashion accessory, simply because they don't know how to wear it. But it's really no rocket science! The most common type of cufflink you'll find out there is the swivel post cufflink. It's also the best place to start your collection with. Once you've built up a sizeable collection of cufflinks, you'd be surprised you don't want to wear buttoned cuffs anymore!

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Silver cufflinks, gold, black, gemstones or seashells, all these can add to your suave look if paired with suit and shirt wisely. At the same time, remember that rules are just that, a set of rules. You should always experiment and make your own style statement with cufflinks!

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Why Should I Wear Cufflinks?

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This article was published on 2010/09/28