Why We Wear Jewellery

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People often consider rings and necklaces and other such items to be things that are simply great to look at. But there are many more reasons that people wear jewellery than simply wanting to have something pretty on them.

Jewellery has been used for many purposes over the years, ranging from the mundane to the totally bizarre. Thousands of years ago such items would have been a sign of social or religious status and in some ways that tradition has continued into the modern day with many people using jewellery as a sign of wealth and in turn their status. There are also still many pieces firmly imbued with religious connotations, whilst other pieces may be worn to show allegiance to a certain group or to signify sexuality.

Jewellery would also have been used to give the wearer certain health benefits or even powers, and today many people wear certain items which they believe rightly or wrongly will help make them better or in some way improve health.

Whilst diamond rings might be beautiful to look at, they too are filled with symbolism and overtones of status. The more expensive diamond rings are, the wealthier the wearer, and they are given as a symbol of love and commitment, signifying longevity and strength.

Other people wear items to make a statement. To simply stand out or even rebel. Wearing decorative items on your body is a way of expressing oneself and saying something about ones personality.

There can be many reasons to wear decorative pendants or rings, and many times the wearer may not even be aware of the subconscious reasons they have chosen or decided to wear a certain item. However that is not to say that the beauty is a mere afterthought, but more that its worth stopping to think what the items you wear might be saying about you without you even realising it.

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Why We Wear Jewellery

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This article was published on 2011/01/11